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Depuis 1953
1930's : the first generations

1930's : the first generations

Bernadette, from Brittany, and Henri Surget, from Corrèze, unite their lives and courage in opening a grocery store in 1935 in the heart of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, rue Mouffetard.

During the war, Bernadette, like many other prisoners' spouses, manages the shop with the help of a strong team of Breton women, and eventually has her 17-year-old niece Aliette join in.

Back from the camps, Henri hires Claude, the son of a farmer based in Orléans, who came to Paris to avoid becoming a farmer like his father.

In 1949, Claude and Aliette get married and the uncle from Corrèze sets them on rue de Sèvres, number 62. There begins the aptly named first Maison du Fromage (cheese house).

1970's: Marie and Alain take over

1970's: Marie and Alain take over

Then comes Françoise, and then Alain, who after 3 years of university replaces his parents for a summer, and will never leave the rue de Sèvres anymore.

1978, Alain meets Marie who after a degree in social counseling, obtains a degree in psychomotor therapy. After their wedding, they have their first child Nathalie in 1983, then Maxime in 1986. Meanwhile, they are given the opportunity to buy the Maison du Fromage. 

There begins a progressive transformation of the family-owned company. From constructions to clientele diversification, from friendly contacts with producers to teaching the teams, the dairy shop turns into a cheese shop. 

2000: a title that honors the house

2000: a title that honors the house

Marie Quatrehomme, First Woman "Best Craftsman of France" in 2000

The title "Best Craftsman of France" is attributed during a competition that takes place among professionals and according to various craft categories. Created in 1924, it is unique in the world and rewards expertise.

Each candidate must pass several tests, respecting the tradition of a given craft. For cheesemongers, the main tests consist in organoleptic recognition, written and oral knowledge, and finally the production of a masterwork.

Marie Quatrehomme receives the title in 2000, when the Cheese category first entered the competition. Beyond the recognition from her peers and the public, this title boosted the development of the cheese shop and her desire to continue with Alain and the team in the path of excellency and transmission.

In 2014, Marie Quatrehomme is promoted to the rank of "Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur", the highest honorary decoration in France.

2010's : The succession

2010's : The succession

2010, Maxime, then Nathalie, decide to join the family-owned company, to start the fourth generation of cheesemongers.

At the instigation of their parents, they undergo great renovation works and enlarge the cellar in order to modernize the infrastructure and secure the company's future.

Given their expertise and degrees, Nathalie and Maxime bring new ideas, a new way of working whilst relying on strong traditions bequeathed by their parents. Making the best of every generation!

To be continued...


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